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The Voice Behind the Music: An Interview with Mary Cutrufello

Mary Cutrufello is a name that has become synonymous with talent and passion in the music industry. With over 30 years of experience, Mary has established herself as a force to be reckoned with in the vibrant music scene of St. Paul, MN, USA. Her website,, serves as a platform to showcase her exceptional skills as a musician. One of Mary's primary goals is to book gigs and share her music with a live audience. Her gig calendar on the website provides fans with all the information they need to catch her performances. Whether it's a small intimate venue or a large concert hall, Mary's powerful vocals and impressive guitar playing are sure to captivate the audience. In addition to booking gigs, Mary also offers her music and merchandise for sale on her website. Fans can purchase her original country music, allowing them to take a piece of Mary's talent home with them. From catchy tunes to heartfelt ballads, Mary's music is a true reflection of her artistry and passion. Another unique feature of Mary's website is the inclusion of song lyrics. As a talented songwriter, Mary understands the importance of connecting with her audience through her words. By providing the lyrics to her songs, she allows her fans to delve deeper into the meaning behind her music and connect with her on a more personal level. When it comes to her music, Mary's versatility is what sets her apart from the rest. As a lead guitarist, she brings a unique and innovative approach to her performances. Her guitar solos are electrifying and showcase her technical skill and creativity. Combined with her powerful vocals, Mary's performances are a true testament to her talent and dedication. In a world where music is constantly evolving, Mary Cutrufello remains a constant presence, pushing boundaries and challenging the status quo. Her website,, is a testament to her commitment to her craft and her desire to connect with her audience. Whether you're a fan of country music, a lover of guitar solos, or simply appreciate exceptional talent, Mary Cutrufello is an artist you don't want to miss. So, the next time you find yourself in St. Paul, MN, USA, be sure to check out Mary's gig calendar and experience the magic for yourself. You won't be disappointed by the voice behind the music.

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